Christian hip hop artist, Cjay has touched the lives of thousands of young people across South Africa, Africa and the world. Cjayʼs unique anointed, prophetic urban ministry has succeeded in relating and inspiring young people to “Turn Their World Upside Down” for Jesus by activating and igniting them with a fresh fire, passion and a desire after God. He has just released his new project “Jesus Freak Yes I Am” in which he challenges Christian Youth to move out of their comfort zones and be radical and on fire for Jesus.


The “JESUS FREAK YES I AM” project is a soundtrack to a Movement that has a Passion and a Hunger after God and to see Him Glorified! This Movement has taken it upon themselves to be the Salt and The Light to a dying world. ”We are called and set apart and its time to live out what we believe and preach Jesus in the streets!”


Cjay has ministered alongside Delirious, Kari Jobb, DA Truth, Reggi Dabbs, Rich Wilkerson Jnr and Lacrea with one of his highlights ministering in Dallas Texas with Reinhard Bonkeʼs ministry, Christ for all Nations at their annual Fire Conference.

He is married to his beautiful wife Natalie and they have two children, Joshua and Amber Jay.

Cjay was born in ‘Surfers Paradise’, Jeffrey’s Bay but in many ways it wasn’t exactly paradise to him, as he grew up very poor and was raised by a single parent. His passion for music started at the age of 10 when he picked up the guitar for the first time and started playing it without any training.

He went on to matriculate in 1996 at Arcadia High in Port Elizabeth.

While in grade 12 one of his teachers use to say “Mr Jansen you will never amount to anything” and upon hearing this on a daily basis, he started believing that he was never going to amount to anything. Cjay was faced with the pressure of joining gangs, doing drugs, premarital sex and alcohol abuse. What kept him from getting involved in those things was his passion for making music and the drive to make a success of his life no matter the circumstances he faced at the time.

So, he borrowed a friends “Beat Machine” and started producing tracks out of his bedroom for local artists and that’s when the passion and desire grew even more to pursue his dream as a Gospel Artist/Youth Minister.

In the hope of inspiring young people especially in Port Elizabeth where gang violence is high, Cjay wrote a song called “PE” on his 3rd album, The Revolution. The song became a huge overnight success. As a result Cjay’s started going to schools, prisons and churches speaking to young people across South Africa hoping that his story will inspire them to reach for their dreams no matter the circumstances and that they are here for a purpose and to fulfil their destiny.


“From my humble begins in a shack in Jeffrey’s Bay, to making a success in the Music Industry, my mission is to use my music  to impact and influence my generation!”

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