One Crown has been around for a number of years. These young men which hail from Potchefstroom, where we have seen many good musicians rise from the ashes, started their band when they were only teenagers. Unlike most garage bands they never gave up the dream they had of becoming rockstars and decided that they will keep doing what they were born to do. They kept on spreading the message of Christ and a life in abundance in Christ through the music they produced.

Although One Crown will only launch their debut album on the 28th of October, they already have a huge number of fans and tons of favour in the media. They are a true example of practice makes perfect and fans everywhere knows that every ounce of exposure for these guys is well deserved.

Other than a fan base of thousands and media favour, One Crown has a very busy schedule and will be performing across SA even before the album lauches in October. Their performances are electric and it is easy to see why they have such a following. If you consider attending their show, make sure to pack all the energy you can get.

Virander/Verander is a very true sound of One Crown and reminds a little of bands like Straatligkinders and Metanoya Rockonfusion, but the sound is not quite as heavy. Make room on your shelves for One Crown will be occupying it very soon.