britzLouis Brittz, a 45-year old lawyer by training, is a trend setting South African singer/songwriter of Christian Music, worship leader, music producer and public speaker (on worship-related topics). He is the CEO of Merchant Music, a South African Record Label that records, markets and distributes quality music. He is also co-owner of Urial Publishing. Apart from his many performances, he has produced albums for The Soweto String Quartet, Laurika Rauch and Retief Burger (Luidkeels). Louis writes columns for two monthly magazines and has two books scheduled for release in 2013.

Louis has recorded 13 CD’s containing self-written songs in English and Afrikaans as well as well-known praise and worship material. His 2011 release ‘Psalms’ has received gold status (20 000 units sold). His work has been nominated for and won local music awards, and many of the leading South African gospel artists have recorded songs written by Louis. One of S.A’s leading mainstream female artists (Laurika Rauch) picked up on Louis’ songs and recorded it during 2002. She has subsequently recorded a number of his songs and has booked him as producer on her shows, CD – and DVD recordings.

Louis performs on invitation with a band made up of professional musicians. They deliver a dynamic performance built on worship and acoustic rock music, with African, European and American influences. It’s a unique style and is the main reason why he has been touring internationally for 15 years. Louis is fond of South Africans who live abroad and frequently undertakes tours to Australia, New Zeeland, the UK and Dubai to encourage the expats.

Louis has performed with Steven Curtis Chapman, Kirk Franklin, The Newsboys, Third Day and Sonic Flood on their tours to South Africa. He has led worship at numerous national conferences, working with Drs. Loren Cunningham, Tony Campolo, Bruce Wilkinson, Duffy Robbins, George Verwer and almost every South African Christian speaker of note.

Louis has worked closely with South African youth ministries as a project leader, producer and evangelist, but is especially known as a mobiliser of young adults towards radically relevant Christianity, firmly integrated in society. He is a firm believer that our generation has a key-role to play in establishing God’s Kingdom; that apart from being saved and healed by the in-working of the cross of Christ, we are to take up our mantle as wounded healers who take the Message and the Love of Christ to a world that has heard so much, but has seen so little of the Christ who lives in his body of believers today. With his dedicated team of musicians and assistants, Louis has had the privilege to see thousands saved, called and envisioned to apply their calling to daily life. This is a Holy Spirit-inspired ministry for which Louis and his team give God all the glory!!

Louis also developed a course in leading praise and worship and has trained more than 300 worship teams from 14 denominations in Canada, America, England, Scotland, The Ukraine, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa during the past 5 years. Churches have a desperate need for training in this area, and Louis seems to be gifted to communicate what he has learned over the many years he has been leading worship. This course has been recorded on DVD in Afrikaans with the aim of providing Afrikaans churches with a training tool to equip their worship teams and pastors.

Louis is married to Hettie and they have three children, Idalise, Pero and Simoné. Hettie is a trained speech therapist who has pioneered a Development Centre for needy children in one of their city’s poorest areas. She teaches seminars on parent-child relationships, and her books on parenting are best-sellers in South Africa.

Louis and Hettie are famous for surviving an armed robbery and rape at their home during 2010. Their public profile caused the incident to become front-page news, and their testimony of healing, hope, forgiveness and freedom from fear has encouraged thousands of people as a direct result. They frequently witness and minister about these topics and Hettie’s book ‘Vreesloos Vry’ that tells their story has been helpful to many.


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