ama1The dream was conceived in Stellenbosch in 2002.
With time all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and five gorgeous, highly talented and skilled female musicians from across South Africa (and the world) came together to form ZAMAR, which means ‘to celebrate with the plucking of strings.’

ZAMAR’s debut album, Song of Celebration, was recorded live in the Fismer Hall at Stellenbosch University’s Conservatorium in February 2005.

With the help of the dedicated team at Bowline, ZAMAR’s debut album, Song of Celebration, was ready in time for the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees 2005.
Once in Oudtshoorn, it was hard not to notice the new arrivals because they performed anywhere and everywhere – from cozy street café’s to the popular Klein Karoo Pops Concert with Jannie Moolman.

A great highlight for ZAMAR was when they were presented with the KKNK Kanna Award for Best Newcomer. They also walked away with an impressive line-up of press interviews and various requests for television shows and performances.

Since KKNK, ZAMAR officially launched Song of Celebration in Stellenbosch’s well-known Dorp Street Theatre. In September 2005 they introduce, Spell on you  and in 2008 Passion becomes a dream.They continue to perform, entertain and inspire audiences at venues across South Africa.

Veronica Bell (Viool), Ignatius Kloppers (baskitaar) en Brian O’Neill (kitaar) is die musikante wat snare pluk en streel, terwyl Lyudmyla Rukavitsyna Heath haar meesterlik van haar taak kwyt op trekklavier en Danica O’Neill haar djembe en perkussie instrumente roer.





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